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Jesus: A Man of Sorrows

Jesus: A Man of Sorrows

I started this blog to process my thoughts and feelings.  Jesus being the Great High Priest is one who can sympathize with my every weakness and yet without sin.  He is like me.  And not like me.  He knows what it is like to feel deep pain and helplessness though he is also one I can come to in my time of need and receive grace and mercy.  He is a beautiful mystery and paradox.  Knowing weakness but being all-powerful.  Acquainted with deep disappointments yet sovereign over everything. The eternally blessed God but has felt grief even to the point of death. Suffered a wretched evil sinners death tasting the full weight of the wrath of God while always being the sinless Holy One!

Who is this God-man?

He is my refuge and fortress.  My comfort and joy.  My life. My all. My God.

I have decided to remain anonymous because it doesn’t really matter who I am.  God knows me and because of that, I know Him!  I am the chief of sinners yet redeemed, cleansed, justified, and made a son of God.  And if you read any of these post, I hope you will come to treasure Him more for He is worthy of all our worship!